How Many Records Did Paramore Break On The Set Of Their 'Ain't It Fun' Video? Ummm, How About ALL The Records? (PHOTO)

Hayley Williams and the rest of Paramore break all the records on the set of their "Ain't It Fun" video.

NBD, Paramore's just breaking records left and right.

Remember how Paramore had originally shot a music video for "Ain't It Fun," the third single off of their self-titled fourth studio album, but then they scrapped it because they weren't thrilled with the direction it took? Well, stop cry-dancing in an abandoned, balloon-filled mansion, because a new clip is on its way! #PRAISE

According to a photo uploaded to Paramore's official website on Tuesday, Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor have already wrapped shooting. To disprove any disbelievers, the "Still Into You" performers added: "We shot a video today for Ain't It Fun. This time it's for real." Yuss!

Hmmmm, based on the picture, which features the trio dressed in some kind of gloves-and-goggles, Wrecking Crew Lite™ look while holding the shards of a bunch of smashed records, we're hoping that there's some kinda slow-motion LP destruction right around the soulful breakdown à la Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball"?

Whatever we end up getting, at least we know it'll be -- OH MY GOD, WAIT FOR IT -- record-breaking. *is immediately buried in 234 rotten tomatoes hurled from the booing audience that happens to sit opposite his desk*

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