Did Britney Spears Care What Haters Thought Of Her 2000 VMAs Nude Rhinestone Costume? NOPE! (VIDEO)

In celebration of Britney Jean, check out this old-school video of Britney Spears from 2000!

Let's watch an old-school Britney interview from the year 2000!

Happy Britney Jean release day! It's been an arduous, two-and-a-half year wait for some new Britney Spears material, but WE HAVE ARRIVED!

Now, aside from playing hooky to stream the album and re-watch "Crossroads," what better way is there to celebrate this momentous occasion than by digging into the MTV archives and watching an old-school interview with Brit from the year 2000? Um, I know. NOTHING??

Watch an interview with Britney Spears from the year 2000 after the jump! 

So, what are you gonna see in this 13-year-old gem from the year 2000? Oh, just a fur-lined crop top-wearing Britney talking about how she's a "sensitive person" and you can't "please everybody" because "you'll go insane." #WordsOfWisdom

Oh, and there's more: The interview also features Brit's real-time reactions to fans and haters commenting on her now-iconic rhinestone-encrusted nude bodysuit from the 2000 VMAs. (Side note: Mad props to the girl who said that if she had a body like Britney's, she'd probably wear the same thing. #PUHREACH)

So, without further adieu, please enjoy this JUICY 2000-era Britney flashback!

+ Watch an interview with Britney Spears from the year 2000

Photo credit: MTV

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