Our Favorite 'Britney Jean' Lyric GIFs: A Britney Retrospective


Happy Britney Jean release week!! On this momentous -- nay, blessed week, we join together to celebrate the new arrival of Britney Spears' eighth studio album. What a long, winding road it's been, my friends. What a long, winding road. *Starts humming Sheryl Crow's "Every Day Is A Winding Road*

Anyway, maybe you already cried in front of scrolled through our official Britney Jean GIF album review, watched an endearing interview with Britney from the year 2000, and LOLed over some 'Spearitual' fan art, but clearly the fun's not over yet. Nope, we're just getting started! Because we're NEVER gonna get through this week of praising Godney to high heaven without some Britney Jean lyric GIFs!! Yep, we've covered everything from the empowering "Passenger" to the explosive "Tik Tik Boom."

Soooo, are ya ready? Good! Now get to work, b*tch!


brit-alien brit-workbitch
brit-perfume brit-itshouldbeeasy
brit-tiktikboom brit-bodyache
brit-tilitsgone brit-passenger
brit-chillin brit-dontcry

GIFs by T.Kyle