Lady Gaga Paints MILDLY HORRIFYING Doll Eyes On Her Real Eyes, Meets Hello Kitty, Has Your STANDARD Experience Going Kawaii Krazy In Japan (PHOTOS)

Check out Lady Gaga's super kawaii anime-inspired makeup while in Japan!

Oh, Gaga, what big eyes you have!

Rocket No. 9, blast off to Japan! While we were all busy stuffing our faces full of FOOOOOOD which then became LEFTOVER FOOOOOOD this past weekend, Lady Gaga was all over Tokyo promoting the eff out of ARTPOP. Her promo methods included TV appearances, live performances, life-size "GAGADOLLs," and even a long-prophesied reunion with Hello Kitty herself. Yep, you heard that right. Sit down, strap in, and get ready for a super kawaii ride.

To start, the "Do What U Want" singer debuted a cartoonishly cute look featuring giant anime-inspired eyes drawn over her actual eyelids. (Similar to her red carpet styling at the 2011 MTV Japan Video Music Awards, but, like, NEXT LEVEL.) If we had to say, we believe that the aesthetic can best be summed up as either "Botticelli's 'Birth Of Venus' (The Harajuku Remix)" or the human-size version of Gaga's childhood mermaid doll. Take your pick.

Check out Gaga's fateful meeting with Hello Kitty, plus videos of her doll eyes in action after the jump.

Check out Lady Gaga's super kawaii anime-inspired makeup while in Japan!

Truly, a meeting of the minds.

But the crowning achievement of Lady Gaga's promotional travels abroad was surely when she cradled Hello Kitty in her arms once more. Done up in a molecular tartan ensemble with some blue-streaked, Scary Spice-turned-terrifying wig action up top, the "Venus" songstress appears to have given the Japanese kitty icon the warmest, most intimate "hello" this side of Lionel Richie.

If Miss Hello Kitty drops in for a cameo in Mother Monster's "Do What U Want" music video tomorrow, we will... Well, we don't know WHAT we might do. All's we know is that after seeing this photo, we can basically die happy now.

+ Watch Lady Gaga get her anime-inspired makeup done, and check out those doll eyes in action.

Photo credit: Lady Gaga's Instagram, Getty Images