Leona Lewis Counts Down To Christmas In Her Ultra-Festive 'One More Sleep' Video

Leona Lewis patiently waits for her man to return for the holidays in her "One More Sleep" video.

Leona Lewis has the holidays on lock!!

Ever wonder what THE perfect holiday getaway looks like? Like, the kind portrayed in L.L. Bean and/or American Eagle catalogs? Well, look no further than Leona Lewis' "One More Sleep" video!

Watch Leona Lewis' "One More Sleep" video after the jump. 

In her "One More Sleep" video, Leona and her pals escape to a secluded, snow-dusted cabin. Once inside, they do all kinds of festive things such as warm themselves by the fire, bake, cook, and indulge in a Food Network-caliber holiday feast.

But wait, something's missing! Where's Leona's man? Well, just as you think Leona's gonna spend the holidays alone, a hunky, plaid-clad, (probably) former Abercrombie model waltzes in to save the day!

Now that Leona's beau is back, the real fun can begin! Ahhhh, get your minds out of the gutter -- I mean WINTERTIME fun! I'm talking about gift-opening and playtime in the snow! (But, y'know, minus the red noses and snot dripping that afflicts normal people when they play in cold weather.)

Find Leona's "One More Sleep" on her upcoming holiday LP, Christmas, With Love, dropping Dec. 3.

Watch Leona Lewis' "One More Sleep" video.

Photo credit: Syco

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