Fall Out Boy Get Murderous In Their New 'Where Did The Party Go' Video

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Where Did The Party Go" video.

Fall Out Boy stumble into a horrifying hospital in their "Where Did The Party Go" video.

"I'm here to collect your heart," Patrick Stump sings in the opening lines of Fall Out Boy's "Where Did The Party Go." Dude, nobody thought you meant that literally.

In the song's just-released video, a bloody-faced, hook-handed, evil-eyed (but still impeccably dressed) Stump is on the loose, and he's not gonna stop until he gets what he wants -- which is blood, yes, but also a sick dance party.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Where Did The Party Go" video after the jump. 

The video, which is part seven of their "Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles," contrasts the track's upbeat vibe with a horror film thriller. Stump, looking deranged and psychotic in a spooky medical facility, chases the rest of the band (and some shellshocked-looking patients) through one dimly lit corridor and operating room to the next.

Even the murderous villain here is no match, of course, for a sexy nurse, who straps Stump down on a gurney and has her way with him -- sexy nurses being the only force strong enough to combat evil, naturally.

Then, out of nowhere, we're treated to the weirdest zombie dance party since "Thriller." The beat is just that irresistible, we suppose? Whatever -- even psychotic, murderous villains need a break from all that murder stuff every now and then.

But the good times can't last forever, as the song itself implies. By the video's end, Stump's rage reaches its inevitable climax, as he does what probably every singer in the history of rock and roll has wanted to do before him: strangle his guitar player.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Where Did The Party Go"  video.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam