Star Spotting: We're Crushing On Katy Perry And Rihanna's Girl Crush (PHOTO)

We're, like, TOTALLY crushing on Rihanna and Katy Perry's girl crush.

Yup, #Katyanna are still the sexiest best friends on the planet. Don't even try to front.

Poll time! Which of the following girl crush moments are you crushing on more? Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's BFF reunion backstage at "The X Factor" or this new photo of Rihanna and Katy Perry being total bombshell besties together? While you all decide, we'll just be over here canoodling with our best friend: Thanksgiving leftovers. Judge if you want, but #FoodCanBeYourFriend.

For this week at least, let's just say that the "What Now" singer and "Unconditionally" songstress take the cake. Judging by Rihanna's Instagram caption ("She x She ... always great to see my Lil Kitty cat!!! #Perry"), we're not the only ones super excited to see the pair catching up with some QT over the holiday weekend!

Basically, we're overjoyed that #Katyanna have another photo to add to next year's birthday collage extravaganza! (Remember: It's always best to start your scrapbooking projects early!). But mostly, we're just jealous that their picture-perfect holiday togetherness looks so effortlessly flawless, and that selfie we just took of us scarfing down the rest of our Thanksgiving leftovers is... Well, let's just say it ain't cute.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram