What Did You Think Of Joe Jonas' New York Magazine Tell-All Essay?

Revelations from Joe Jonas' New York Magazine essay

Joe Jonas sets the record straight about growing up Jonas.

If you're still reeling from the news of the Jonas Brothers breaking up, then maybe it's time you turned to Joe Jonas' SUPER-revealing essay in New York Magazine. The essay, titled "Joe Jonas: My Life As A Jonas Brother," explains the Jonas situation pretttttyyyyy pretttyyyy good well.

Like, if we had a dollar for every "OH MY GOD, NO HE DIDN'T. Oh no SHE DIDN'T! They did WHAT??" moment in Joe's essay, which pretty much maps out the entirety of Nick, Joe, and Kevin's musical career as a trio, we'd have, well, enough cash to buy an expensive sandwich for lunch. Like, a $10 sandwich from Au Bon Pain.

Oh, and if you didn't read the essay yet? Let's quickly review: Joe talked promise rings. He talked smoking weed with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. He talked DATING Demi Lovato. He talked working with Disney and the Jonas Brothers' rapid rise to fame. And, perhaps most importantly, he talked breaking UP with the Jonas Brothers. It's just... it's a lot to process. I know I'm barely holding it together. But how's everyone in Twitter-land taking it?

@JohnJanuzzi thought THIS was the best line in the entire piece (and we have to say we agree):

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Some people felt it was a well-written warning against child stardom:


Others were Miss J-levels of OMG at the idea of Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus teaching Joe Jonas how to smoke weed:


And THIS person wants Joe to write a full book about his Jonas experience. #HearHear


Whew! So, what did y'all think about Joe's NYMag piece? Shock? Awe? Horror? Anger? Never-ending amounts of OMFG? Tell us in the poll below!

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