Taylor Swift’s Adventures In New Zealand Could Double As Your ‘Dream Life’ Pinterest Board (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift is living a New Zealand fairy tale.

OK, so we already knew that Taylor Swift’s life basically resembles a “How To Be A Gorgeous Pixie Nymph” Pinterest board. (See: every time Taylor has worn an adorable apron while baking sweets with celebs.) And are we at all tired of watching Taylor live her gorgeous, baked goods-filled life? NOPE!

That said, please direct your attention to a recent crop of equally stunning Instagrams Taylor posted from her trip to New Zealand! (Warning: If you’re feeling at all insecure about your upcoming Christmas vacation to New Jersey, then we suggest you avert your eyes immediately.)

This is a joke, right?

Check out more photos of Taylor Swift in New Zealand after the jump! 

In between Tay’s “Red” Tour shows in New Zealand, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performer took some time out to play tourist. Which, in Taylor’s world, means wearing a vintage-looking white dress and snapping “candids” with her friends that legit look like they were taken by Annie Leibovitz for a new Vogue spread.

Apparently all of Taylor Swift’s friends are models? Who knew. 

As for other aesthetically pleasing New Zealand activities, Taylor’s doing things like driving a boat, gazing off into the distance with a glass of champagne, smiling with her besties Clare and Cait, frolicking in a vast sea of greenery, and looking out at the blue waters of Waiheke Island. I mean… just… COME ON!!! #NOTFAIR

Well, this is just rude. 

Closing thoughts? Judging by the above Instagrams and this photo of Taylor holding an armful of American Music Awards, it’s painfully obvious that Taylor Swift’s beautiful, Pinterest board life is on another level of PERFECTION. (We’d hate her, but hating Taylor Swift is on par with hating puppies and ice cream. It’s just not possible.)

 Photo credit: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

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