Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Got An Eagle Tattoo, Brought His Six-Pack Along For Emotional Support (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber got an eagle tattoo, brough his abs with him to the tattoo parlor!

Justin's rock-hard abs surely helped him get through the pain of his new eagle tattoo.

UMMM, so we know that we're totally supposed to focus on the fact that Justin Bieber just got a new tattoo, and we're trying! It's of an eagle, and it basically completes his quest for a full tattoo sleeve. SEEEE?? But really, how do you expect us to focus on the "PYD" crooner's new ink for more than 10 seconds when JB clearly brought his Terminator-level abs to the tattoo parlor?!

In fact, we wonder if that was maybe not the smartest idea. Surely, even the the super-macho, bearded tattoo artist man inking the Biebs isn't immune to the power of Justin's abs. Way to risk distracting the dude poking your arm with a needle!

Check out more photos of Justin Bieber's eagle tattoo after the jump.

The "All That Matters" make-out king can now add "badass eagle" to his vast collection of body art, which includes his maybe Selena tattoo, pet owl tattoo, Jesus tattoo, his other Jesus tattoo, Japanese music symbol tattoo, and the Stratford Cullitons' logo. Naturally, Justin took to Instagram to humble-brag about his abs share the new ink with his Beliebers, captioning, "fresh new tat," followed by "eagle."

Justin Bieber got an eagle tattoo, and brought his abs with him to the tattoo parlor!

Are we supposed to look at the new tattoo or the diamond-encrusted watch? Unclear!

No word yet on the significance of this particular tat, although "quest to be a badass" does spring to mind. Or maybe it's secretly a phoenix, meaning the Biebs is "rising from the ashes" of his breakup? Honestly? Who the eff knows. We just appreciate yet another opportunity to legally stare at Justin's midsection without feeling like total creepers!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram