Celebrate Britney Spears’ 32nd Birthday With Some Deeply ‘Spearitual’ Army Fan Art!

Well, email my heart, and call me Amy! It’s Britney’s birthday, b**ch!

This is a story about a birthday girl named Britney — Britney Spears, actually. Today, the pop kween/ congressional whip-crackerlinguistic trendsetter turns 32 years old, and, being the selfless woman that she is, the “Perfume” singer has asked that fans donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in lieu of presents.

Not done giving, B-girl is all set to grace us with the holy eighth album goodness that is Britney Jean this Tuesday — aka TOMORROW. But tell me: What happens when it stops? Oh, OK. That clears that up, thanks. Now on to the greater question: What does Britney get on her special day?

The answer: some deeply Spearitual fan art from the entire #BritneyArmy. To celebrate Britney’s 32nd birthday, fans used all the art supplies, Photoshop, dominoes, and even Christmas lights that they could find to properly express their undying devotion to Godney in Heaven on Earth above. Without further adieu, here are some of our favorite finds!

Literally what we see when we close our eyes at night. How’d you know??

Our friend T. Kyle of Reality TV GIFs’ mom asked him to set up her X-mas lights over the weekend. No joke.

OK, so this domino-ney tribute is from 2012, but c’mon! It deserves more #praise.

+ Watch the Britney birthday domino tribute in action.


Check out more deeply Spearitual Britney birthday fan art after the jump.

Points off for calling Brit “STEVE,” but otherwise flawless!

It’s photorealism, b**ch.

BRB, tattooing this on our lower lip.

Betting our life’s savings ($7 and a “World’s Worst Grandpa” mug) that Britney drew this for herself. #angel

We hope that this extremely convincing Brit lookalike knows that “Criminal” was just fiction!


We found this work while searching “britney spears, birthday.” Pretty self-explanatory, eh? G’night!

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Photo credit: Getty Images, T. Kyle MacMahon of Reality TV GIFs, rollingstar89 on DeviantArt, holditagainstmetutos on DeviantArt, chizuru13 on DeviantArt, dominofan0802 on YouTube, veneno94 on DeviantArt, joneko on DeviantArt, alison-k on DeviantArt, kayumiphan on DeviantArt, luserne on DeviantArt

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