Enter The DayGlo Black Light Void With Major Lazer, Ms. Dynamite, And Laidback Luke's 'Sweat' Video

Watch Major Lazer, Laidback Luke, and Ms. Dynamite's new video for "Sweat."

How can this be real life, like, NOW?!

As Demi Lovato proved in her "Neon Lights" video, a little black light and glow-in-the-dark paint can go a long way. Taking this maxim to the nth degree is the Ryan Staake-directed clip for "Sweat," a collab between Major Lazer (aka, Diplo), Laidback Luke, and Ms. Dynamite off of 2013's Free The Universe.

Before we dive into the music video, can we just talk about Ms. Dynamite for a hot second? Like, despite the fact that "Dy-na-mi-tee" has been on a constant playlist rotation over here, it really has been a minute since we've gotten to appreciate the Brit's musical flawlessness. Why, it's a Thanksgivukkah miracle, it is!

Watch Major Lazer's "Sweat" video featuring Laidback Luke and Ms. Dynamite after the jump.

Anyway, although neither Ms. Dynamite nor her male collaborators make an appearance in the video, the dancers they've chosen will more than hold your attention. Clad only in bright neon apparel and equally eye-popping makeup and paint, they move around a lights-out void of a room like pink, blue, purple, and green blurs.

And then, the paint starts flying. Seriously, we won't waste anymore of your time describing what happens when you should really just watch it below. Somehow, the visuals manage to get progressively more and more intense every 30 seconds or so. Like, they shouldn't be able to, and yet they do. Enjoy.

+ Watch Major Lazer's "Sweat" video featuring Laidback Luke and Ms. Dynamite.

Photo credit: Secretly Canadian, Mad Decent