Move Over, Brit Smith! Betty White Is Gonna Teach You How To Dance 'Provocative' (VIDEO)

Watch Brit Smith's "Provocative" video.

You're never too old to dance "provocative."

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? That's the lesson Betty White (yes, THAT Betty White!) learns when pop singer/brilliant booty dancer Brit Smith holds a dance class in the studio above her apartment.

As Brit pops around the dance floor with her booty-dancing buddies, Betty just can't deal with THAT RACKET. (Those damn kids!) She'll have to go upstairs to show them what's what. But, like Gloria Estefan once said, the rhythm's gonna get you. And it does -- turns out Betty's the most provocative lady in the room!

Watch Brit Smith's "Provocative" video after the jump.

Produced by and Timbaland, "Provocative"'s video features Brit walking up the stairs to dance class, but not before letting Betty White, who lives upstairs, in the building.

From there, Brit gets to WERQUE on the dance floor. But Betty's none too pleased. After an onscreen cameo from himself (like, literally through a television set), Betty busts through the door yelling, "Alright b*tches, wanna learn how to move provocative?" Uh, WHAAAA?? #NotWhatWeWereExpecting

That Betty White, she's a woman of her word! Suddenly Betty's on the dance floor with Brit and her friends, shaking dat ass and grooving in the center of the dance circle like she's been moving provocatively for all of her 91 years. I mean, well, of course she has! Betty was a "Golden Girl," after all. She's ALWAYS been full o' sauce 'n' sass.

Watch Brit Smith,, and Betty White get "provocative" below!

+ Watch Brit Smith's "Provocative" video.

Photo credit: Interscope