Eminem Secures His Throne With The 'Rap God' Video, So... Your Move, Kanye?

Watch Eminem's new video for "Rap God."

Any challengers? Nope? OK.

You know how "Rap God," Eminem's latest single off The Marshall Mathers LP 2, is a nonstop barrage of rapid-fire, neck-breaking staccato syllables? Well, Eminem's just-released "Rap God" video has the visual assault to match the verbal. And like some immortal "Max Headroom"-type of otherwordly being, Em secures his musical throne against all usurpers.

While the "Rap God" video references throwback hip-hop and vintage pop culture moments, it's one of Eminem's most modern (albeit postmodern) and visually compelling videos to date. Much like you'd expect out of the rap don. Or, yes, rap deity.

Like, "slayed the game" doesn't even begin to describe what Em laid down in "Rap God." Really, the Detroit-based rapper got a friend to distract the Game while he got behind and gave his friend the signal to push. Like, Eminem dropped the Game off at soccer practice, and then was, like, totally 47 minutes late to pick the Game up afterward -- AND HE'S NOT EVEN APOLOGIZING OR MAKING EXCUSES FOR IT. #cold

Which is interesting because if you've been listening to the radio or Twitter or the streets or ya moms, there's another MC who's proclaimed himself God of the rap world. Think Kanye West is watching "Rap God" and angrily and dramatically breaking pencils? (Albeit $5,000 limited edition Karl Lagerfeld-signed leather pencils?)

What say you, Yeezy?

Watch Eminem's new video for "Rap God."

Watch Eminem's "Rap God" video after the jump.

Photo credit: Aftermath Records, Interscope Records / GIF: Akira the Don