Star Spotting: Adam Lambert's New 'Cinnamon Spice' Hair Does The Impossible, Makes Him Sound More Delicious (PHOTO)

Check out Adam Lambert's new cinnamon fresh hair!

Mmmmm, Adam's new "cinnamon spice" hair sounds gewwwd!

Breaking! Adam Lambert has declared that the pumpkin spice trend is finally over! (Thank the LAWRD, 'cause our pumpkin spice-flavored Flintstones chewable vitamin was getting naaaaaaaasty.) Continuing, he also proclaimed that cinnamon spice is officially the new pumpkin spice! His method of delivery for this very exciting and super important news? HIS NEW HURRR!!!! (OK, so this is mostly conjecture, but it seems likely, right? Right??)

The "Lay Me Down" singer recently unveiled his new 'do on Instagram, confirming that he's ditched his flawless black hair for a warmer, more #festive holiday-friendly color. Along with the pic, Adam captioned: "Hair Kut. Cinnamon Spice."  How's that old rhyme go? "What are little glams made of? / Cinnamon spice and everything nice!" Yeah, it's something like that.

Anyway, if you're not drooling over the "Never Close Our Eyes" singer's delicious new look, then perhaps we just have different tastes. Maybe you're not trying hard enough? Imagine getting a lovely aromatic whiff from a candle titled "Adam's Cinnamon Sensation," one of many in our forthcoming collection of candles inspired by what we think Adam's hair would smell like if we got to rub our noses through it for days. (Wait, is that creepy?  DGAF.)

Imagine what Adam Lambert's new cinnamon spice hair smells like!!

Photo: Adam Lambert's Instagram / GIF: Photobucket user TheDailyLike