Here’s Why We Are NOT Emotionally Equipped To Handle Jamie Lynn Spears’ ‘How Could I Want More’ Video

Feelings? You been Spears’d.

A mere 24 hours after sucker-punching us right in the feels with her new song, “How Could I Want More,” Jamie Lynn Spears has released an accompanying music video. Be warned, however. Although the clip may be sweet and simple, it, much like the track, is an emotional doozy. Enjoy!

Watch Jamie Lynn Spears’ “How Could I Want More” video after the jump.

In the clip, we see Jamie alternately performing and collaborating with her guitarist. The sparse set, a recording area decorated with hanging light bulbs, looks absolutely incredible. It is our completely unbiased opinion that whoever decided on that aesthetic has excellent taste.

This setting adds the perfect touch to the subdued track.

As Jamie gently sings “All he does is love me/ He swears that’s what he’s here for/ So, how could I want more/ How could I want more,” you really feel the powerful love that bonds them together, empowering ’em both. We know he’s not Miss Jamie Lynn’s IRL husband-to-be, but still. That performance? #AllTheOscars

Behind every great woman is a cute, bearded, flannel kinda man, we suppose.

Oh, and just in case you’re jonesing for more down-home Jamie Lynn feels, check out her duet with Britney Spears on big sis’ Britney Jean! The “Perfume” singer’s album won’t be released until Dec. 3, but it’s streaming on iTunes in full right now. It’s really, really cute, and — HALP! Some left ALL THESE TEARS on my keyboard!!!!

+ Watch Jamie Lynn Spears’ “How Could I Want More” video.

Photo credit: Sweet Jamie Music, Inc.