Star Spotting: The First Rule Of Justin Bieber Fight Club Is That There Is No Justin Bieber Fight Club (PHOTO)

Here's visual proof that Justin Bieber threw on his most baller outfit when he heard that his new song, "Roller Coaster," hit No. 1!

Justin Bieber werques his best "baller boxer" lewk! 

Look, landing a No. 1 song on the charts is a massive feat that deserves to be celebrated. (Hell, getting a No. 1 ANYTHING deserves to be celebrated.) So when Justin Bieber posted this nearly shirtless photo of himself along with the caption, "When they tell me #Rollercoaster is #1," we were kind of like, OK, fine!

If the Biebs wants to celebrate the success of "Roller Coaster" by dressing as either a bling'd-out Hugh Hefner or a super-ripped, robe-wearing boxer about to take his "pump-up walk" to the ring, then we totally understand.

And sure, we know that some of you are probably like, but WHY is he wearing a robe to celebrate when he could be showing off his glistening abs -- or more generally, WHY A ROBE PERIOD?! Sadly, we don't have the answers.

However, one could posit that JB's peculiar apparel serves as a subtle nod to his boxing bestie, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.? Maybe he's gonna re-enact every scene from "Fight Club"? Orrrr, perhaps this silk robe helps with, um, "easy access" when Justin's getting ready to "re-enact" all the verses from "PYD" IRL? Don't talk to us for the rest of the night. We've found the image we wanna go to bed with. Byeeee!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram