David Guetta And Mikky Ekko Party For A Good Cause In Their 'One Voice' Video

Watch David Guetta and Mikky Ekko's new "One Voice" video.

Check out Mikky Ekko and David Guetta's charitable new single, "One Voice."

What's better than hitting da clurrrrb for wild night?? Hitting da clurrrrb for a wild night to benefit a charity! Cue: David Guetta and Mikky Ekko's "One Voice," the musical accompaniment to Guetta's partnership with the U.N. that he wrote to support various charities and causes. (BTW, if "partying for a cause" were an acceptable day job, we would FULLY apply.)

Watch David Guetta's "One Voice" video featuring Mikky Ekko after the jump.

So how does it work? Super simple. All you've gotta do is tweet one of the many hashtags shown in Guetta and the "Stay" singer's clip, and the associated company will donate $1 toward charity! Global brands have sponsored different words featured throughout, and will donate every time said word is shared on social media. David, for example, has sponsored the word "#Love." To that we say: #LOVE #LOVE #LOVE #LOVE #LOVE

In the actual video, we're treated to a well-curated montage of visuals captured at some of the "Titanium" producer's wildest live shows, paired with images of people around the world receiving aid. "One Voice" really takes that whole "inspired music" concept to a whole new level, and we can't wait to get involved! Oh, and this may be the only time in history that we #advocate #for #excessive #hashtagging! #######!

+ Watch David Guetta's "One Voice" video featuring Mikky Ekko.

Photo credit: Virgin