6 Holiday Lessons Learned From Ariana Grande’s ‘Love Is Everything’

Ariana Grande’s “Love Is Everything” teaches us EVERYTHING!

We can learn a lot from Ariana Grande. In recent weeks, Ari’s taught us all kinds of things, namely that it’s OK to still not be over “Gossip Girl” going off the air, and that sometimes you just gotta rock a red, sparkly, Jessica Rabbit-esque ball gown while delivering a standing ovation-earning performance at the AMAs.

Today, however, the “Last Christmas” chanteuse has released the full version of her latest holiday tune, “Love Is Everything,” and guess what? It’s gospel choirs, sleigh bells, chants, and… MORE IMPORTANT LESSONS!! Like, a free class in holiday domination 101! So, grab yo’ pencils: Here are five holiday lessons we’ve learned from Ariana Grande’s “Love Is Everything.”

1.) The gift of love is better than all the Chanel bags in the world: “The truth is, your heart is the biggest gift you can give anyone.”

2.) Love is FREE: “As a matter of fact it won’t cost you much; it’s in your heart you got it right there.”

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3.) It’s WAY more important to give than to receive: “It’s time for us to all give something!”

4.) Because love don’t cost a thing: “If you need a cost, if you need a reason/ It’s the gift that just won’t disappear, won’t disappear.”

5.) NOBODY should tell you who or how to love: “Love who you love/ No one can judge.”

6.) Oh, and did we mention that love is the best?: “Love is all we need…/ Love is everything.”

+ Listen to Ariana Grande’s “Love Is Everything.”

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