Star Spotting: Ariana Grande Clearly Still Misses 'Gossip Girl,' Specifically Everyone's Favorite D-Bag Chuck Bass (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande clearly still misses "Gossip Girl," Chuck Bass specifically!

Ariana's crush on Chuck Bass is STILL RAGING! 

We're not gonna lie and tell you that it was easy for us to cope with the loss of "Gossip Girl." When the final season ended last year, we felt sad, lost, lonely, and confused, and that's a feeling that lasted for a long while. We're only now finally coming back to our normal selves, but, judging by this photo of Ariana Grande pining away for Ed Westwick's Chuck Bass, girlfriend is clearly not over the loss! #OneDayAtATime

The American Music Awards performer took to Instagram to share her encounter with everyone's favorite bone-structurally blessed douchebag: "moments with chuck." Sure, he's just on some TV screen somewhere, but you know, you take what you can get.

Now before y'all get your panties in a bunch, obviously Ariana's just being dramatic here, and doesn't actually wish that Chuck would climb out of the TV and whisk her away on his private jet to his private abode in Monaco. (That would be us.) We have a feeling that Little A is totally content enough with her new relationship with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes. Which reminds us, how many "GG" marathons do you think she's made Nathan endure so far? #xoxo

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram