Dianna Agron Channels Every Killers Look In Their ‘Just Another Girl’ Video

Apparently, Brandon Flowers looks like a “We Can’t Stop“-meets-“Can’t Be TamedMiley Cyrus hybrid.

Although frontman Brandon Flowers’ mustache may come and go, The Killers’ Las Vegas-inspired aesthetic is forever. In the band’s latest video for “Just Another Girl,” you take a Killers-themed trip down memory lane, revisiting all of the dusty desert landscapes and bright marquee lights from nearly every single one of the group’s videos, all guided by Dianna Agron of “Glee” fame.

Watch The Killers’ “Just Another Girl” video after the jump.

Dianna goes from “Human” to “Superhuman” and beyond.

In the Direct Hits clip, Agron plays the role of Flowers. (Don’t worry, he gets a couple mustachioed cameos here and there.) The video’s most obvious allusions take their cue off of her Flowers-esque costumes: the feather-shouldered “Human” blazer and the even more feather-shouldered linebacker’s padding from “Spaceman.”

Look familiar?

There are dozens more smaller touches thrown in that even the most casual Killers stan will enjoy. The super disaffected, “Mr. Brightside“-style can-can dancers, Tokyo’s biggest Elvis Presley enthusiast from “Read My Mind” — hell, they even managed to reunite those Michael Steger and Devon Aoki from the “Bones” video!

’Stache on ’stache on ’stache on ’stache!

All in all, the “Just Another Girl” video is a pretty cool love letter to The Killers’ fans. Or, maybe just a pretty cool love letter to themselves to commemorate their 10 years in the biz. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

+ Watch The Killers’ “Just Another Girl” video.

Photo credit: Island