Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Shows Off His Ride, Further Cementing His Baller Status (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone poses in front of his Jeep.

When is Austin gonna make a calendar of himself posing in front of all his fancy rides?!

Remember that one time you turned 16 and got a Range Rover, then a Lamborghini, and then a Jeep to really drive home the point that you're doing this whole life thing right? No? Oh, that's because you're not the very definition of baller status like Austin Mahone. ARGH! Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, the EMA winner for Artist On The Rise didn't spend his ENTIRE weekend tracking down the individual #AllBlackEverything pieces for his 2013 American Music Awards suit. According to a recent Instagram photo, he also spent some QT with one of the sportier numbers in his collection of wheels. Austin even quoted his new single, "Banga Banga," to caption the pic: "You gotta promise, if I let you hop up in the jeep you gon turn up in the seat, you like ridin don't ya?"

Basically, in case it wasn't obvious, Austin seems to be giving us a friendly reminder that his whole "being a SUPER talented heartthrob with sexy wheels and GIGANTIC ARMS" thing is totally working out for him. Aaaaaaand, that this whole "taking the crowded bus" thing isn't working out for me.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram