Let's Board Justin Bieber's Funky Heartbreak Roller Coaster & Examine Its Origins

Listen to Justin Bieber board the heartbreak "Roller Coaster"

Justin Bieber sings about the ups and downs of love on "Roller Coaster."

Here's a statement that will shock absolutely no one: Justin Bieber's love life has been a series of intense ups and downs. In many cases, Justin's described his emotional lows in songs such as "Bad Day," "Heartbreaker," "All That Matters," and "Recovery," and other times he's covered the upswings in tracks like "All Bad" and "PYD."

Today, however, Justin's combined the peaks and valleys of falling in love in his latest #MusicMonday offering, "Roller Coaster."

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Roller Coaster" after the jump.

Set to a retro, bouncy, uptempo track, "Roller Coaster" features Justin singing about the love ride he's been on the past year: "Roller coaster, roller coaster/ For a minute we were up, but the next we were falling down." Later, Justin laments: "Wish I had the key to your heart." (Hey, at least he's got "The Key" fragrance!)

After listening to JB's "Roller Coaster" on repeat, we can't help but be reminded of a few other songs about lurrrve roller coasters -- specifically, The Ohio Players' 1975 funked-out smash "Love Rollercoaster" and its 1996 cover by bro-rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Don't deny it -- you can't miss the sonic similarities between all three songs. In fact, we might go as far as to say that the Biebs' "Roller Coaster," with its funked-out, syncopated bass line, is kinda like the post-aughts brother to The Ohio Players' "Love Rollercoaster"! (Meanwhile, the Chilli Peppers' version is its slightly older, '90s alt-rock cousin.)

Anyway, as similar as his funky #MusicMondays offering sounds to the aforementioned tracks, we'll concede that the Biebs makes this "Roller Coaster" his own by sounding WAY MORE EMO than Anthony Kiedis was when he recorded his "Love Rollercoaster" cover. Which appeared on, you know, The "Beavis and Butt-head Do America" soundtrack. Clearly, this roller coaster has a fork in the road.

+ Listen to Justin Bieber's "Roller Coaster," and compare it to The Ohio Players and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Love Rollercoaster."


Photo credit: Island Def Jam