Justin Timberlake Nails Taylor Swift's Surprised Face, And Taylor Swift Is Surprised In This Epic AMA GIF



Last night's American Music Awards were craaaaazy, no? Taylor Swift took home armfuls of awards! Miley Cyrus sang next to a crying, pixelated cat! Ariana Grande earned a standing ovation from Lady Gaga! Rihanna took home the AMA Icon award! Lady Gaga rode in on an effing HORSE.

But, in case you missed last night's epic music showdown, you don't need to read any recaps (well, except maybe for this one). ALL you need is the above GIF of Justin Timberlake emulating Taylor Swift's signature surprised face as he went onstage to accept his second award of the night. Because the above sums everything up. No more words are necessary. And a one, and a two, and a --




GIFs: Vulture, MTV, ReactionFace