Ariana Grande's 'Love Is Everything' Preview: Gospel Choirs + More Holiday Cheer Than A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Ariana Grande "Love Is Everything."

Ariana Grande shines in her "Love Is Everything" snippet.

Well, SOMEONE'S on the fast track to take over the pop music game -- nay, world. And by "someone," we obviously mean Ariana Grande.

Just hours after her explosive, earth-shattering, standing ovation-earning performance at last night's American Music Awards, the Best New Artist winner has released a short snippet of her new holiday song, "Love Is Everything." And not to sound reductive or generalist, but it truly is everything.

Listen to a preview of Ariana Grande's "Love Is Everything" after the jump.

On Instagram the "Right There" singer shared her latest holiday-themed snippet with the caption, "Love Is Everything on iTunes this Tuesday ?? Love you guys <3." "Love Is Everything" follows Ariana's "Last Christmas" cover, and is one of four wintery songs the singer will release this holiday season.

Now, let's dissect the snippet itself, shall we? Showcasing Ariana's multi-octave vocals, "Love Is Everything" is accompanied by quick-beating electro drums and a perfectly placed gospel choir. (BTW, how nice is it when someone incorporates a gospel choir into their track and it ends up sounding totally natural and un-cheesy?)

In all, if this ultra-short snippet portends anything about Ariana's full "Love Is Everything" (hitting iTunes on Tuesday!), we're about to be blownnnn away. Also: If this song had been around when "Love Actually" came out, it would've been a clear soundtrack SHOE-IN. Just saying.

+ Listen to a preview of Ariana Grande's "Love Is Everything."

Photo credit: Universal Republic