Let's Enjoy Ke$ha + Pitbull's Brand-New 'Timber' Video AND Ke$ha's Seriously Sexy Undressed Selfie!

Ke$ha and Pitbull take their "Timber" party to the saloon and the beach!

Yelling "Timber" always sounds better in a bra, amirite? 

There's a lot happening in Ke$ha Land today, which obviously makes today very special!

Flying high on their hoedown-themed "Timber" performance at last night's 2013 American Music AwardsKe$ha and Pitbull have just unleashed the track's official music video.

Much like their live performance, "Timber"'s video features plenty of "Cotton-Eyed-Joe" two-stepping and Daisy Dukes, but this time Ke$ha and Pitbull are chilling in a down-home saloon, Ke$ha's rocking a super bangin' black bikini, and Mr. Worldwide's down by the beach in a tailored suit. (It's "Coyote Ugly" meets "Cocktail"!)

Watch Pitbull and Ke$ha's "Timber" video after the jump.

While Ke$ha primarily keeps her two-step hoedown inside the saloon (and, if we're being thorough, on a mechanical bull), it's Pitbull who takes his "Cotton-Eyed Joe" revival show on the road. Pit frolics beachside with a hot babe (presumably to yell "Timber" with her), and when Ke$ha does step out of her saloon, it's to "yell Timber" on an old pickup truck. Because obviously.

Oh, and speaking of Ke$ha looking bangin' in basically zero clothes, after last night's AMAs, K-dolla blessed us all with yet another scantily clad selfie that we'd really love to put on our Ke$ha alter mantle... Right next to this photo of K's bare ass. Which should sit comfortably next to a screenshot of Ke$ha wall-twerking for her mom, plus some other precious moments from"Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life." Ahhhh, Ke$ha. Don't ever change.

Ke$ha and Pitbull yell "Timber" by the beach and in a saloon in their just-released video + check out Ke$ha's latest scantily-clad selfie!

I mean, what are we even supposed to say to this? Dat ass silhouette is beyond! 

+ Watch Pitbull and Ke$ha's "Timber" video, and preview episode 5 of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life."

Photo credit: Sony/@iiswhoiis