Star Spotting: Dang! Katy Perry Is COMMITTED To This Side-Eye, Side-Tongue AMA Red Carpet Selfie! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry and a hardcore Katycat posed for a selfie on the 2013 American Music Awards red carpet!

Katy made the prettiest "selfie" face that ever was!

Some really important stuff went down onstage at the 2013 American Music Awards last night! Katy Perry slayed the game during her performance of "Unconditionally," and what about when Miley Cyrus sang "Wrecking Ball" with the help of an interstellar, lip-synching cat?!

But some verrrrrrrry special moments took place offstage, too! For example, how intensely are you dying for this photo of Katy SERIOUSLY committing to a red carpet selfie with a hardcore fan! Like, she's pairing massive eye-bulging and tongue-lolling with a face that says, "You can't sit with us, unless you're a KatyCat!" OBSESSED.

Honestly, if this picture ISN'T this girl's Twitter avatar, Facebook profpic, and, honestly, perma-future-EVERYTHING holiday greeting card, we think she's making a major life mistake! Like, "Here, please come to my wedding and celebrate my finding the love of my life, but, like, remember that one time Katy Perry let me take the world's best selfie with her??" Yep! Sounds about right.

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Photo credit: Getty Images