Is Lady Gaga's Entrance On A Horse Her Greatest Awards Show Entrance Of 2013 -- Neigh, Of All Time? (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga entered the 2013 American Movie Awards red carpet on a horse. A HORSE.

My ARTPOP can't handle this AMAs entrance.

With all of the main-show craziness at the 2013 American Music Awards, such as Rihanna's possibly Aaliyah-inspired AMA "Queen Of The Damned" look to Sarah Silverman's motherly intervention on Justin Timberlake's face, we almost forgot to ob-SESS over one of our favorite red carpet moments earlier in the night! Remember how Lady Gaga entered on a horse? We repeat: REMEMBER HOW LADY GAGA ENTERED ON A HORSE????

I mean, we've seen her arrive at an awards ceremony with a troop of LGBT military members in protest of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We've witnessed her hit up the Grammys in a f***ing EGG. And yet, we've gotta wonder. Is this equine entrance the greatest awards show entrance in Gaga's -- NEIGH, anybody's history of awards show entrances? Honestly, we just wanted to use that "neigh" wordplay, but it's GOTTA be in the top ten.

Hmmm, but what does this "reverse Warholian expedition" all mean? Is the "Do What U Want" singer Lady Godiva-meets-Donatella Versace? Is she making fun of the critics who might say she should "get off her high horse"? Nope! Not even! During her red carpet entrance, Gaga said she felt inspired by Bianca Jagger riding in to Studio 54 in 1977. And that, my friends, is what you call "a horse of a different color."

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Photo credit: Getty Images