Justin Timberlake, Honey, You Got Some Schmutz On Your Face! NVM, Sarah Silverman Got It! (PHOTO)

justin timberlake, sarah silverman

C'mon, Justin! Get it together!

OMFG, like a scene straight out of our first day of junior high, Justin Timberlake had a li'l schmutz on his face at the 2013 American Music Awards, and none other than Sarah Silverman channeled her inner-overprotective mama bird to spit-wipe it off his adorable punim. Or, she was just pretending, 'cause #comedy. (After her hilarious jabs while presenting the award, we doubt she's sincerely going full-on motherly right now.) Either way... AHHH!

Like, this was when he was accepting the AMA for Favorite Soul/ R&B Album. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! AHHH. Anyone else getting major flashbacks from this? Like, you know how every single time you had to do something in front of a giant group of people as a child, one of your parents was always, like, RIGHT THERE to do something embarrassingly overprotective?

For example, right before you were gonna take the eighth grade talent show stage to wow EVERYONE into popularity with your original interpretive tap routine to "Fighter," your mother would yell something like: "Sweetie, smile! Smile for mahhhhm!"

Well, after seeing the comedienne's affectionate move, we're starting to really appreciate every embarrassing thing our parents did back in the day. For real, would YOU want to accept a mini lucite pyramid declaring your supreme awesomeness live on national television looking like one of those unwashed Johnson kids down the street? That's right. Sarah Silverman, parents the world over -- or at least the "TKO" singer's mother and father -- thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

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Photo credit: Getty Images