Did Rihanna's AMA Look Remind Anyone Else Of Aaliyah In 'Queen Of The Damned'? (PHOTOS)

Rihanna is giving some Aaliyah in "Queen Of The Damned" realness at the 2013 American Music Awards.

Two flawless divas, no resolution needed.

While we didn't immediately see the resemblance when Rihanna first set foot inside the 2013 American Music Awards, she posed a certain way and -- BAM! -- suddenly all we could see was Aaliyah. More specifically, the late R&B princess' title role in 2002's "Queen Of The Damned," the vampire Akasha.

The midriff-exposed sparkly bra tops? The bare arms? The jewelry that could possibly double as weaponry? Umm, metal chokers, HELLO? The "What Now" songstress is clearly "More Than A Woman" in this photo -- she's a freaking immortal, life force-stealing GODDESS.

While we don't know if Rih's AMA style is directly inspired by one of our all-time faves of all-timery, it wouldn't be that crazy a choice. Rihanna's far from the only Aaliyah stan in the pop music industry. Remember in 2012 when Drake added his own personal touch to "Enough Said," a partially recorded track left unfinished before the singer's untimely death? Or, what about this past summer when Chris Brown released "Don't Think They Know," which featured Aaliyah's vocals? (Though honestly if you're looking for some Aaliyah to listen to... leeeeeeet's just stick to the real deal.)

We wouldn't be surprised, though, if this is just the natural next step in Rihanna's '90s throwback goth aesthetic of late. Awwwww, now we just wish that she and Aaliyah could be posing next to each other in full gothic queen regalia at the AMAs for real! Ugh, so cool. Oh, well.

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Photo credit: Getty Images