Lady Gaga And R. Kelly Look Like The Sexiest Romance Novel Cover EVER At The 2013 AMAs

Do whatcha want. Just… do whatcha want.

From Ke$ha and Pitbull’s on-fiyahhhh “Timber” performance to Ariana Grande’s show-stopping vocals, the 2013 American Music Awards stage has been a nonstop roller-coaster of pop insanity! Good thing we took a sec to pan over to the audience, though, ’cause otherwise we would’ve missed this absolutely ARRESTING photo of Lady Gaga and R. Kelly casually sharing a tender embrace.

We don’t think there’s anything we don’t like about this picture. Like, we’ve got Lady Gaga pairing a shimmering, #AllSilverEverything ensemble with a platinum blonde wig gently resting her body on her “Do What U Want” collaborator, who BTW is holding a cigar and smiling as giddily as if he’s a proud papa in the delivery room! Are we seeing a visual preview of their performance tonight? Is this the hood ornament of our dreams? Our future wedding cake topper??

NO, WAIT! This is, like, the most mind-blowingly sensual supermarket romance novel cover we’ve ever SEEN. Can’t you just imagine the title spread over their heads in a romantic, serif-filled font? “Do What U Want With My Milkmaid Body”? “Love In The Time Of ARTPOP”? “The Bridges Of Madison LET’S HAVE SEX”? (And, Gaga is obviously Fabio in this scenario. I mean, look at that long-as-eff Donatella Versace wig. C’mon.) UGH, do whatcha want with my bo-dayyy in-DEED.

Watch Lady Gaga and R. Kelly perform “Do What U Want” at the 2013 American Music Awards after the jump.

+ Watch Lady Gaga and R. Kelly perform “Do What U Want” at the 2013 American Music Awards.

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Photo credit: Getty Images