21 Presents For Miley Cyrus’ 21st Birthday!

It’s her party, she can do what she wants!

Hallowed be the 23rd of November, Smilers, for today is Ms. Miley Cyrus21st birthday! Don’t forget that MTV’s throwing Miley a completely cray on-air party starting today at noon ET/ PT with back-to-back airings of “21 Candles: Miley’s MTV Moments” and “Miley: The Movement Deluxe Edition.”

Be sure to tweet or post an Instagram video with #HappyBirthdayMiley for a chance to see your b-day messages (for example, “OMFGMILEY AH LAHV YEW BIEW #HappyBirthdayMiley”) appear on screen!

Anyway, in terms of IRL partying, we’re sure the “Wrecking Ball” singer already kicked off her b-day last night at midnight, ordering her DEFINITELY FIRST-EVER alcoholic beverage at New York’s hottest nightclub — i.e., a Premium Long Island Iced Tea at Chili’s. But, the blowout doesn’t end there!

To do right by the b-day girl, MTV created this kickass, super trippy animated birthday card!

+ Watch MTV’s animated Miley Cyrus birthday card.

AND, we here at Buzzworthy have compiled the 21 greatest, most Miley-bein’-est presents we could find. (Not including our retelling of her life story in GIFs.)

From matching pizza slice BFF necklaces to vintage Britney Spears memorabilia — with, like, crop tops-on-crop tops-on-crop tops in between — we’re pretty sure that Miley would, like, totally want to be our for-real friend if she got any of these birthday gifts. (Speaking of which, Miley, do you want to be our friend? Circle one:  Y  /  N  /  M )

1.) This Alphabet Soup “TWERK” tee straight outta your “We Can’t Stop” video:

2.) Disney Princess tongue tattoos, because RELEVANT:

3.) A recumbent stationary bicycle to keep that “down south rump” from going too far down south:

4.) This incredibly deep, multi-layered T-shirt with a box of fries that says “WASTED”:

5.) This bondage-y top that may or may not double as a pup harness for Floyd.

6.) So that when the Jay Z song is on, you’ll know the Jay Z song is on:


8.) This $28,000 quartz skull with a snake on it:

Check out more of our 21 birthday gifts for Miley Cyrus after the jump.

9.) + 10.) Some tongue hygiene gift-lets:


11.) Why’s this called a “weed bralet”? We don’t see any weeds. All we see are green flowers, or possibly stegosauruses… ?

12.) For you and yer “Biew-Biew,” aka Cheyne Thomas:

13.) Heck, here’s a BFF pizza necklace for all your boos: Cheyne, Den/ Doll, Amazon Ashley, and four for you, Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco. #NoneForGretchenWieners

14.) Speakin’ of pizza, here’s a $25 gift card to Dominos! Let’s just set the delivery time to… 4:20!

15.) This face mask from Jay Z’s Barneys collection, as modeled by Beyoncé:

What, we don’t want your brow-less face to get cold!


16.) This ice-cream pillow that kinda reminds us of that scene in “Miley: The Movement“:

17.) + 18.) Movie night! We gotchu “Space Jam” and “FernGully” on VHS!

Oh my God, you probably don’t know what a VHS or a VCR is. BRB, dying in a corner.

19.) This ’90s throwback, “Real And True“-y alien crop top:

20.) + 21.) Girl, we know you’re in the #BritneyArmy. So, enjoy this set of Brit-Brit gel pens and pink CD-playing purse!


+ Watch MTV’s animated birthday card, check out Miley Cyrus’ life story in GIFs, and don’t forget to tune in to MTV TODAY starting at 12 p.m. ET/ PT to catch “21 Candles: Miley’s MTV Moments“!

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