If You Thought You Didn't Need To See A Statue Of Jay Z Surrounded By Loving Care Bears, Then You Thought Wrong (PHOTO)

Check out this Daniel Edwards sculpture of Jay Z surrounded by Care Bears! No, seriously!

Hova gets some Care Bear hugs in Daniel Edwards' new sculpture!

Step aside, Precious Moments figurines, because there's a new supercute collectible that belongs in my curio cabinet. (And yes, it is completely acceptable for a grown man to have both a curio cabinet and a Precious Moments figurine collection.) It's this sculpture depicting Jay Z being hugged by a bunch of Care Bears.

Brought to you by Daniel Edwards -- the same sculptor behind masterpieces like the Britney Spears-inspired "The Birth of Sean Preston" and "L.A. Fertility" featuring Kim Kardashian -- this work is cleverly titled "Jay Z Cares and Shares." Apparently it's a commentary on the "Holy Grail" rapper's decision to continue to work with Barneys following its racial profiling scandal. Our take on the work is that it's a perfect mixture of happiness, '80s nostalgia, and, well, a metric ton of WTF-ness.

Hopefully, this thing will get mass-produced and will be included in next season's Crate & Barrel catalog because there is simply not enough decor inspired by hip-hop entrepreneurs and cuddly cartoon characters. Until then, let's show the piece some proper love by giving it a giant CARE BEAR STARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Care Bears count down: 4, 3, 2, 1!

Check out this Daniel Edwards sculpture of Jay Z surrounded by Care Bears. No, seriously!

Photo credit: Splash News / GIF: GIFSoup

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