We Are The Brave Hit The Strip Club, Start A Biker Fight In Their Synth-y 'Sparrow' Video

Watch We Are The Brave's "Sparrow" video.

We Are The Brave boldly go to the strip club in "Sparrow."

Australian synthpop duo We Are the Brave impressed us back in September with a pair of early singles, and now the group has a neon-colored video to go with its '80s sound.

The band's "Sparrow" video finds singer Jess Chalker rocking some intense, Bat for Lashes-worthy eyeliner, though the cameras are on another subject. Under a strip club's neon pink-and-purple glare, "Sparrow" follows a dancer making her way to work and filtering through a crowd of seedy dudes before taking the stage. A fight breaks out among the regulars, but our heroine finds a partner and makes it through the night in one piece.

Watch We Are The Brave's "Sparrow" video after the jump.

The dancer's sparkling, SFW pole acrobatics interpret the song's steady motion, with a U2-style guitar rippling over the bass line's pulse. And Chalker gives the song an especially human center, her voice rising with an emotional vibrato.

"You can't tame an animal," she sings, and perhaps the video's setting and wardrobe choices (read: existence) are a subtle response to the sexual safari of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." On that note: shout-out to producer Ox Why's mustache in this video. Someone's ready for Movember!

+ Watch We Are the Brave's "Sparrow" video.

Photo credit: Jess Nath/We Are The Brave