Britney Spears Launched Her First Perfume In 2004, And The World Has Never Been The Same (PHOTO)

Remeber when Britney Spears released her first perfume, Curious?

Do you dare? Ummm, yes.

Happy Throwback Thursday! In today's edition of photographic nostalgia-tripping, we turn back the clocks to 2004, or, "1 A.C." (Anno Curious), as the year is known among les circles de parfumerie. For that is when Britney Spears -- platinum-selling pop singer, Spearitual stage dancer, and star of "Crossroads" -- first marked her territory in the perfume world with the release of her very first fragrance.

Seen here at the Macy's launch event in New York City, Britney may appear to be having a casual kickback kinda time. But, don't let the smiles and sundress giggles fool you -- she was there to work, bitch. That warm, welcoming smile? That flawless bottle holding? That hand on the hip that says "Go home, Chanel No. 5, you're drunk"? What you are looking at is Britney Spears, fragrance sales associate extraordinaire!

Zooming back to the present for a sec, isn't it so wonderful that Brit has crafted an entire Britney Jean single inspired by her love of fragrances? "Perfume" just feels so appropriate, don't you think? Now, if only the video would drop already... Oh well, at least we have those Brit-filled visions induced by spending too much time in our Britney Spears fragrance collection room at home until then.

Photo credit: Getty Images