Meet Indie-Pop Troupe Wild Cub, Get The Inside Scoop On Their Upcoming Album, 'Youth' + Livestream Their 'Artist To Watch' Concert This Friday, Nov. 22

Watch Wild Cub talk about why their album title is not nostalgic.

Watch Wild Cub perform live at MTV Hive's "Artist To Watch" concert this Friday!

Don't let the title of Wild Cub's debut album fool you -- Youth isn't nostalgic by any means. Nope, it's more about growing up than looking backward.

"I'm glad that we chose to title the record Youth, but that's my No. 1 thing -- trying to say that it's not about nostalgia, because nostalgia seems pejorative or almost like you're looking at it from a distance," lead singer Keegan DeWitt told us. "I started to get a little bit older and I started to realize that so much of the people around me was being shaped by things that they desired strongly and whether or not they were getting those things."

Translation: The record is more about the effect of growing up than what came before. The process of striving -- and perhaps failing -- to have the future you desire. And DeWitt and Co. know a little something about that.

Watch Wild Cub talk about the themes within their upcoming Youth after the jump.

After moving from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Nashville, Tenn., DeWitt and his bandmates -- Jeremy Bullock, Dabney Morris, Harry West and Eric Wilson -- formed Wild Cub in 2012. The guys wrote Youth soon after the singer/composer got married and turned 30, a "transitional period where he was "trying to understand what's valuable and what isn't," he told MTV Hive.

That debut record -- a synthy affair replete with dreamy snippets in time in the form of songs -- will be reissued by new label Mom+Pop on Jan. 21, 2014.

Speaking of the time before Wild Cub (and meeting his future wife), DeWitt said: "I started to have this really real concern of, 'Am I going to be too soured by the things that weren't granted to me, by the things that I desired so much, that when that person comes I'm not going to be able to even realize it?' ....And for me, that was the thing of youth -- the idea of youth."

You can see those ideas made manifest -- and musical -- Friday, Nov. 22, when Wild Cub hits the stage for MTV Hive's "Artist To Watch" Live event. It all starts on at 8 p.m. ET.

+ Watch Wild Cub discuss the concept behind their upcoming Youth album, and check out Wild Cub's "Thunder Clatter" video.

Photo credit: Mom + Pop

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