Video Premiere: The Moth & The Flame Go Nuclear In 'Sorry'

Watch The Moth And The Flame's "Sorry" video.

L.A. band The Moth & the Flame head back to the '50s in their "Sorry" video.

The Moth & The Flame have nothing to be "Sorry" about, at least not when it comes to their new song and video. At first, the black-and-white "Sorry" video seems full of Arcade Fire "Reflektor" vibes, but it goes deeper than masks.

"Sorry" peers at the quiet terror of 1950s suburban perfectionism, following a man whose home is full of life-size dolls. The dolls -- not alive, but not quite inanimate, either -- act as companions and perhaps judgmental observers as Mr. Sweater Vest becomes increasingly unhinged. Creepy!

At least the guy keeps his screaming-at-dolls habits at home instead of terrorizing Macy's mannequins.

Watch The Moth & The Flame's "Sorry" video after the jump.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles band performs the atmospheric track in the middle of the desert, a site that becomes ground zero for another bit of '50s history: nuclear testing!

The music avoids explosions, opting for falsetto vocals and Radiohead-esque sculpted guitar tones as the song builds into riff-heavy instrumental breaks.

Fittingly, the group's on tour with "Radioactive" rockers Imagine Dragons, and their new EP, &, made a dent on this week's Billboard Alternative New Artists chart.

+ Watch The Moth & the Flame's "Sorry" video.

Photo credit: Arash Armin