Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Is Either Ready For Winter Or Actually A Ninja -- Unclear! (PHOTO)

We can't tell if Austin Mahone is bundled up for winter, or actually a ninja.

Austin peeks out through his winter and/ or ninja gear.

In this Instagram photo of Austin Mahone wearing a knit beanie-meets-cowl neck hoodie combo, it would seem like the Artist On The Rise EMA winner is totally prepared for the subzero temperatures, whipping wind, and eyeball-slapping snowflakes on the horizon. YEAHHH! WINTER IS COMIIIIING!!!! (There isn't enough sarcasm in the world to convey our true feelings about this season.)

It looks like the "Banga Banga" singer must be gearing up for all the chilly stops he'll make on his Artist To Watch Tour in 2014. (Chicago? Alaska?? Antarctica?!) It's either that, or Austin is finally revealing his moonlighting gig -- as a ninja! No, really, even the photo caption hints at a possible undercover lifestyle: "u can't see me I'm a ninja."

While Austin may have covered up his super-pinchable cheeks, we can still gaze longingly into those beautiful, twinkling eyes of his. Really, that's enough to keep us warm and cozy for the entire bone-chilling, snot-freezing winter! Guys, isn't winter the ABSOLUTE BEST?!?! (Now excuse us as we Google "jobs in Hawaii" because NOPE.)

Photo Credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram

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