Jessie J's New 'Thunder' Video Is Giving Us ALL OF THE LIFE!

Jessie J is a force of nature in hew new "Thunder" video

Jessie J is a force of nature in her "Thunder" video.

Generally speaking, Jessie J's on-point riffs, face, hair, outfits, and vocals tend to make us feel a lot of emotions. For example: We feel like loudly declaring our female independence in "It's My Party," we fall in crazy, stupid love every time we hear "Laserlight," and we wanna cry a million dramatic tears while listening to the vulnerable "Who You Are."

Today, though, Jessie has outdone herself in the video for her diva anthem "Thunder" (the third track off her Alive album), because it's literally giving us ALL OF THE LIFE! Like, sorry, world! All the life supply has already been rationed to Jessie, and then to US after watching this video. Fend for yourselves!

Watch Jessie J's "Thunder" video after the jump.

Directed by "Do It Like A Dude" video director Emil Nava, "Thunder" sees the "Conquer The World" singer all alone in a deserted field. Rocking a nude bodysuit and fierce cape situation (anyone getting some major Christina Aguilera "Fighter" video vibes?), Jessie appears trapped in what looks like a dangerous thunderstorm.

But Jessie's not afraid of Mother Nature: After completing a montage of bold, interpretive cape dancing (get Alvin Ailey on the horn!), Jessie makes it more than clear that she IS the force of nature! Like, girlfriend IS the "Thunder." The more she twirls and swirls in her cape, the harder it rains. #Symbolism

In sum? Jessie J's "Thunder" is drama, drama, drama, with an extra side of drama. And somehow we're left feeling more buoyant, triumphant, satisfying inner-feels from this clip than ANY other clip in Jessie's catalog. But that's hardly a bad thing. When have we ever said no to feeling all the triumphant, empowering #feels? That's right: Never.

+ Watch Jessie J's "Thunder" video.

Photo credit: Universal Republic