Is Christina Aguilera Morphing Into Lorde? We Investigate! (PHOTO)

That hair braid headband? The Wednesday Addams chic? Is Christina Aguilera channeling Lorde?

Xtina's new toned-down look on "The Voice" was "Pure Heroine"!

Did you catch Monday night's episode of "The Voice"? More importantly, did you fully #BowDown at the greatness that was Christina Aguilera's toned-down, Goth Lite® look? The heavy makeup! That hair braid headband! The Wednesday Addams-chic buttoned-up black collar!

Is Christina Aguilera morphing into Lorde? She's totally got a Wednesday Addams vibe going on!

Don't know about y'all at home, but we (red hot kinda) LOVED it for many reasons -- not the least of which is that it reminds us of our fave Kiwi du jour, Lorde.

Do you think that the "Say Something" singer was trying to, well, say something with this suh-VERE new styling? Like, maybe Xtina's hinting that on an upcoming episode of "The Voice," she's gonna team up with someone on her team to perform a killer cover off of Lorde's debut album, Pure Heroine?

Hmmmm, our minds are positively brimming with possibilities. IMAGINE the ample opportunity for much-needed, showstopping vocal runs on "Tennis Court": "Baby be the class clown/ I'll be the beauty queen in tears/ It's a new art form showing people how little we care (YEA-AAH-EE-AAAAAAH-OH-AHHH-WUH!)"

Or, think about how Christine Christina would add her own unique spin on "Royals": "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh/ But, I-I-I can show you how to burlesque!" Ugh, literally! Just! Gah!!!! This is MTV Buzzworthy, and we wholly endorse this theory. Let there be love! Let there be Lorde! LET THERE BE LEGENDTINA!!!!

Is Christina Aguilera channeling Lorde on "The Voice"?

Photo credit: Getty Images, Universal / GIFs: Rebloggy, After LD