Watching David Blaine Work His Sorcery On Katy Perry, Kanye West + Macklemore Is Even More Magical Than You'd Expect (PHOTOS)

Watch David Blaine work his sorcery on Katy Perry on ABC's "Real Or Magic."

Katy unconditionally loves a good card trick... UNCONDTIONAAAAAAAAL!

On ABC's David Blaine TV special, "David Blaine: Real Or Magic," the world-renowned magician did more than just promote witchcraft in our schools (#THINKOFTHECHILDREN). In fact, he basically acted like a sorcerer version of Ashton Kutcher, punking some of our fave celebs like Katy Perry, Kanye West, Macklemore, and even Jaden and Willow Smith with his magickes moste television-friendlye.

It's strange, though, because you'd think that certain celebrities would be used to witnessing outrageous spectacles by now. Take, for example, Katy up top. Like, girlfriend has whipped through the Amsterdam air during her laser-filled EMA performance, and walked through flame, snow, and shattering car crashes in her "Unconditionally" video. But David Blaine guessing that her card was an eight of hearts? STOP THE PRESSES!!!!

Watch David Blaine work his sorcery on Kanye West on ABC's "Real Or Magic."

Not normally what we do when graciously invited into someone else's home, but do you, Blaine.

Speaking of unexpected reactions, here's Kanye casually giggling at seeing David Blaine do -- oh, what now? Oh, that's right, STAB HIMSELF IN THE HAND WITH AN ICE PICK. We can only imagine what the "Bound 2" rapper said next: "Yo, David Blaine, I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish your mortality-defying stunts. But, I am a GOD. Now, hurry up with my damn croissants!"

Check out more star-studded sorcery as David Blaine works his magic on Macklemore and Jaden and Willow Smith after the jump.

Watch David Blaine work his sorcery on Macklemore on ABC's "Real Or Magic."

"Hey, Mack! 'Same Love'? More like SAME STRING."

Moving on, we're pretty impressed that Macklemore managed to keep his cool -- not to mention his gag reflex -- as Blaine slowly pulled a string through his mouth up and out of his ear. Like, if we were in the room, those "White Walls" wouldn't have stayed white for long. #vom

Watch David Blaine work his sorcery on Willow Smith and Jaden Smith on ABC's "Real Or Magic."

What's got the Smith kids so shocked??

Last but not least, here's some more sorcery with the Smith siblings, Willow and Jaden. Now, by the looks of it, sorcerer Blaine has pulled off a magic trick -- sorry, illusion, Michael -- that has shocked the "Whip My Hair" singer like nothing before. Pan over to Jaden, and it's almost like you can literally see the "After Earth" star's world crumbling around him. Alternately, maybe David Blaine is just showing them his new iPhone 5s, and they're both like "OMG WHOA NO WAYYYY."

Photo credit: ABC, "David Blaine: Real Or Magic"