Star Spotting: Britney Spears Reveals A Photo From The 'Perfume' Video Set! Is This Jason? Is That Even Britney?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!

Britney Spears makes out with a plaid-clad bro in the first look at her "Perfume" video.

Britney's "Perfume" video looks like it's gonna be VERY fun to watch. 

Obviously, you've already watched Britney Spears' "Perfume" lyric video, and obviously, you're praying to Godney to give you, give you more. Well, ready your nerves, Army, because last night Britney took to Facebook to release this makeout-heavy sneak peek from the set of the second Britney Jean single's clip, along with the simple caption: "#PerfumeVideo."

Look, Brit, we know "Perfume" is all about a potential cheating sitch. But by the look of your super-grabby desert makeout sesh, we're preeeeetty sure that you've got your man -- not Jason, actually, but professional Norwegian BABE Alexander Kjellevik -- wrapped around your stunning, little finger! (And waist! And LIPS!)

Unless, of course, that chick is actually some "Single White Female"-level Britney doppel, and the real Brit is perched atop a tree in the background trying to catch her man in the act?! So many questions, literally ZERO ANSWERS!!

Guess we'll have to wait till the official clip drops for the soft and peaceful calm of resolution. But in the meantime, if you're at all interested in living your best life, make sure to enter MTV's contest for a chance to win front-row tickets to Britney's "Piece Of Me" Las Vegas residency. At least there's a Britney-themed activity to do while you wait for the "Perfume" video!

How can you win front-row tickets to Britney's Las Vegas show? Here, Britney explains it all after the jump!

+ Here's you can win front-row tickets to Britney Spears' probably LIFE-CHANGING Las Vegas residency!

Photo credit: RCA Records