Let's All Make Poutine With Avril Lavigne, Eh? (VIDEO)


Avril Lavigne, singer-songwriter and poutine pro, shows you how to make Canada's most delicious dish.

Of all of Canada's myriad and sundry and disparate exports -- Lorne Michaels and ketchup chips, Justin Bieber and mop buckets, Ryan Gosling and bacon, Avril Lavigne and poutine -- it's the latter pairing of Avril Lavine and poutine that strikes us as the perfect combination of sweet, salty, completely unwilling to grow up, and perfect for the holidays. (Plus, it rhymes!)

In case you're unfamiliar with poutine, it's a Québécois dish consisting of cheese curds, fries, and gravy, and it's obviously as delectable as it sounds, because who doesn't want all three of those things all at the same time all of the time? Also, I'm not saying they smoke a lot of weed in Canada, but it sounds like a high-dea if ever I heard one.



Watch Avril Lavigne teach how you how to make poutine after the jump!

In case you're not familiar with Avril Lavigne, well, I have no clue what's wrong with you or how you even got here without assistance, but she's a native Canadian who's spent the past 12 years selling more than 35 million albums worldwide while mastering the ability to never look older than an eighth-grader. (And if you're not still obsessed with "I'm With You" then you're living your life all wrong.)

Avril just released her fifth LP, succinctly and self-referentially called Avril Lavigne, which bowed at No. 5 on the U.S. album charts and hit the top 10 on iTunes worldwide. Her new video, "Let Me Go," featuring her husband and fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger, should be the next thing you watch after you first watch this excellent video tutorial in which Avril (no stranger to the culinary world, as demonstrated by her adorable Buzzworthy Christmas cookie baking session, which you can watch below) shows you how to make a delicious and easy poutine delicious enough to grace your Thanksgiving or Hanukkah or Thanksgivukkah table!

Avril and poutine -- two Canadian national treasures finally united for the greater good of pouring hot Canadian cheese on top of fried Canadian things.

+ Watch Avril Lavigne make poutine! Because you can't resist a pop star covering fries in hot cheese. Plus, watch Avril make Christmas cookies, and don't miss her "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Here's To Never Growing Up."