Star Spotting: Macklemore Kicked It At The White House, Had The Biggest 'West Wing' Geek-Out This Side Of Netflix (PHOTOS)

Macklemore gave a speech at The White House...sort of!

Macklemore is making moves at the White House! 

In case you needed ANOTHER reason to be madly in love with Macklemore (I mean, his hair ALONE!!!!), check out this Instagram that the "White Walls" rapper recently posted in front of the White House! CLEARLY, boyfriend used to have some major presidential aspirations, or at least press secretary-oriented ones. You know, basically any kind of fancy correspondent person who gets to make speeches into seven microphones at once.

Ahead of his concert at The Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., Mack took some time to totally geek the eff out on a White House tour. Actually, pardon us -- did we say "White House tour"? Because what we REALLY meant was a personalized hang sesh outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, boasting some PRIMO, completely tourist-less photo opps in front of the West Wing.

Check out more photos of Macklemore kicking it at the White House after the jump.

Macklemore gave a speech at The White House...sort of!

Look at these West Wing Gs!!!

Sharing his afternoon activity with the entire #SharkFaceGang on Instagram, Mack hilariously captioned: "Gave my first speech at the White House today. It was CRaZy!!! #westwing #whitehouse #DC," followed by, "In front of the West Wing.... #whitehouse." I mean, that's just the CUTEST GEEKFEST!

Word on the street is that during his concert that evening, Macklemore joked that he "spent the afternoon at Obama's house!" Sadly, we're pretty sure this is just code for "I got the V.I.P. hookup at the White House tour desk because I'm awesome and famous," but can you imagine if he ACTUALLY spent the afternoon at Obama's house WITH OBAMA??

Mack probably would've been like, "Yo, you're doing such a kickass job of running this joint!" And then, maybe Obama would've been like, "So tell me, Mr. Macklemore, what does it REALLY feel like to wear a grill?" #PoliticalFanFiction #SorryNotSorry

Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram

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