Video Premiere: Jon Sandler's 'Stars Align' With Janice Dickinson In This Racy, Romantic Clip

Watch Jon Sandler's "Stars Align" video.

Jon Sandler follows his heart in the "Stars Align" video.

Jon Sandler has his own "Graduate" moment in his video for "Stars Align." The Brooklyn singer plays a man still in love with his childhood babysitter -- who happens to be Janice Dickinson! But when he finds out that the supermodel's getting married to someone else, he crashes the wedding and rescues her from a life of kissing a dude with awkward facial hair. Nice work, Jon.



Watch Jon Sandler's "Stars Align" video after the jump.

Jon also gets a fantasy lap dance from the "I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here" star, which ends in a chaste kiss on the forehead. "Working with her was an amazing experience," Sandler said in a release. "She is one of the most unique, honest and funny people I have ever met and truly an international treasure."

Watch Jon Sandler's "Stars Align" video.

We might say the same of Sandler's Britpop-influenced style. The singer's pop-rock track has the anthemic energy of groups such as Snow Patrol, mixing sensitive piano work with a driving, synth-aided rhythm section.

Sandler's voice goes from smooth to gritty, turning into a howl by the stream-of-conscious conclusion. "I doubt you'll ever be mine!" he sings before the final chorus, the optimism of the title line, "See you when the stars align," turning to angst.

The track's the second single from Late Night Champ, Sandler's latest album. It's out now on Super Duper Records.

Watch Jon Sandler's "Stars Align" video.

+ Watch Jon Sandler's "Stars Align" video.

Photo credit: Super Duper Records