Miley Cyrus Climbs Down A Mountain To Perform 'Wrecking Ball,' Taking Only A Turban And A Slinky Gold Dress With Her (VIDEO)

Watch Miley Cyrus perform "Wrecking Ball" on "The X Factor" U.K.

Miley was comin' down the mountain on "The X Factor U.K."

Attention, Smilers! Don't be too down about Miley Cyrus and the Twerklet of Fire her mandatory vocal rest. (Doctor's orders!) At least we've got Miley's super-raw "Wrecking Ball" performance on Sunday night's episode of "The X Factor U.K." to tide us over until she's healthy enough to return to the stage.

Watch Miley Cyrus perform "Wrecking Ball" live on "The X Factor U.K." after the jump.

Whipping "Wrecking Ball" out of her Bangerz repertoire, Miley belted her chart-topping smash while slowly descending her mountainous, Grand Canyon-esque set. (Is this, like, a backward reference to "The Climb"? A Lady Gaga-inspired "reverse Cyrus-ian expedition," if you will? BRB, we gotta go rest our arm muscles after all this REACHING.)

Clad only in a bejeweled black turban and slinky gold dress, the "Real And True" singer's performance kinda resembles what Britney Spears' "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" video would look like if it were covered by Madame. (Obvs a compliment.)

Well, either that, or what we imagine our future midlife crisis will look like. You know, where we have a meltdown in the middle of a vintage store, relocate to the Mojave Desert, and completely drop off the grid, only to emerge once a year on the most debauched night of Burning Man -- as one does. What? Why are you looking at us like that? Guys??

+ Watch Miley Cyrus perform "Wrecking Ball" live on "The X Factor U.K."

Photo credit: "The X Factor" U.K., ITV