These 3 Videos Of Rihanna Twerking Are The Most Hypnotic, Mesmerizing Things You'll See All Day

Watch these three videos to see Rihanna twerking backstage at her "Diamonds" World Tour.

Rihanna lets loose backstage at her final "Diamonds" World Tour show.

Everyone handles nervous energy different. Some people meditate to find their zen place, while we OTHERS crumple into bawling fetal balls. There's also a third option, as demonstrated by Rihanna in a slew of Instagram videos.

Recorded backstage in New Orleans before the final stop on her "Diamonds" World Tour, Ri's clips show that sometimes you've just gotta gather your girlfriends, crank the T-Pain, and twerk the nerves out until you just can't twerk no more.

Watch Rihanna twerk it out backstage after the jump.

After taking a hit off of what is CLEARLY an inhaler (#Ph***YoAsthma), Rihanna uses the first video just to warm up. Seconds into the second clip, the "What Now" singer and her BFF Melissa Forde (aka her partner in VMA reaction GIF crime) start off slowly but surely. By the third Insta video, though, the lights are dim, the booties are thoroughly going "Up Down," and we ain't go no problem spending all of our muh-nayyyy.

So give it up for Rihanna, the phenomenal behemoth that was the "Diamonds" World Tour, the religious experience it blessed me with back in May at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, and -- above all else -- twerking. Twerking! Processing your emotions for you since 2013.

+ Watch Rihanna twerk not once, not twice, but three times backstage before her final "Diamonds" World Tour show.

Photo credit: Melissa Forde's Instagram