Solange Takes It To The Bank On Her Smooth 'N' Simple 'Saint Heron' Track, 'Cash In'

Listen to "Indo," which appears on Solange's Saint Heron compilation.

Listen to Solange's self-produced "Saint Heron" track, "Cash In." 

To celebrate the launch of her boutique label, Saint RecordsSolange has released the effortlessly cool Saint Heron compilation! In addition to featuring talented R&B/nu-soul artists like Jhené Aiko and Cassie (see: "Indo"), Saint Heron also showcases some solo Solange action, such as the slow-building R&B ballad "Cash In."

Listen to Solange's "Cash In" after the jump.

Written and arranged by Solange, and produced by Solange and Tim Anderson, "Cash In" is a breezy, synth-laden paradise, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Solange's bold, relaxed vocals.

As lush harmonies gently waft in the background, Solange coos: "Take your money to the bank/ Tell em we 'gon throw it all away/ Candy coated painted moods/ Listen to the sound of it in you."

Closing thoughts? "Cash In" is a hefty dose of dreamy, stylish, downtown imagery, mixed with a dash of ultra-hip production, that -- surprise surprise -- may or may not make you feel pretty lame. (Unless, of course, you know someone who knows someone who once attended a house party at Solange's house, and then had a beer with Solange! #NotBragging #JustBragging)

Listen to Solange's "Cash In." 

Photo credit: Saint Records