Star Spotting: Katy Perry Executes The Perfect Ponytail Helicopter In 3 Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

Katy gave pure, prismatic PERFECTION while at a photo call in Germany!

There are two things in life that everyone should know how to do: 1) R. Kelly’s sex push-ups and 2) a perfectly flipped ponytail helicopter. Thankfully, Katy Perry has graciously offered her services to instruct us on the latter — even if she wasn’t necessarily aware of it at the time. Get yo’ ponytails ready!

(If your hair isn’t long enough for this pony-flipping tutorial, or you’re a dude, feel free to join me in the corner as I WEEP over how unfair life can be.)

OK, let’s start with step one. First, show up to a major event related to your most recent chart-topping album. Katy, for example, attended a photo-call for Prism in Germany with her flawless follicles prepped and ready for propelling. What’s that? You DON’T have a major event in Europe coming up, much less a super successful LP to your name? Well, get to work — NO ONE SAID NAILING THIS EXERCISE WOULD BE EASY.

See more photos of Katy Perry dominating the ponytail helicopter in Germany after the jump!

She whips her hair back ’n’ forth! She whips her hair back ’n’ forth!

The next step is a little trickier, as it involves rolling your neck to gather momentum while still looking magazine-cover perfect. Notice how the “Unconditionally” songstress looks like a flawless beauty queen, as opposed to Linda Blair in “The Exorcist“? Do that. Also, be sure to smile. If you’re scowling due to dizziness, you’re doing it wrong.

Bow down, everybody.

Finally, once you’ve wowed your audience with the hair helicopter, stop for a sec to bask in the adoration of your loving fans. Remember to thank them for bowing down so closely to the ground. (#ProTip: If no one is bowing, then that means that you’re probably not Katy Perry. Also, you probably shouldn’t quit your non-ponytail-related day job.)

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Photo credit: Getty Images