Christina Perri's 'Human' Says It's OK To Be Yourself, Even If That Means Occasionally Falling Apart

Despite evidence to the contrary, Christina Perri remind us that she's only "Human" in her brand-new single

Christina Perri reminds us that she's only "Human" in her new single. 

Don't lie. You're probably still crying from watching the "final farewell" montage scene at the end of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2." Well, you owe a large part of your runny mascara to singer/songwriter/vocal goddess Christina Perri and her haunting ballad  "A Thousand Years," which soundtracked the installment's final scenes.

Now, after an arduous wait for new material, Perri is back with a brutally honest track called "Human," which is slated to be the first single off her as-yet-untitled new album (out in spring 2014).

Oh, and since you're also a "human," presumably with functioning tear ducts, you might wanna listen to this song with a box of tissues close by.

Listen to Christina Perri's "Human" after the jump.

Produced by Martin Johnson, "Human" is a soft, yet powerful ballad about the societal pressures placed upon women to be, well, perfect. "I can turn it on/ Be a good machine/ I can hold the weight of worlds if that's what you need...I'll get through it," sings Perri. "But I'm only human/ And I bleed when I fall down/ And I crash and I break down." (Annnnnd #cry.)

So, is it cool with y'all if we "fall apart" and shriek about how hard we're loving this song? And no, we don't just love it because "Human" is a gorgeous ballad with an equally important message. With its compassionate "be yourself" theme, "Human" is also a welcome break from songs about, well, twerking. Yep -- WE WENT THERE.

+ Listen to Christina Perri's "Human."

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